Art for Corporate and Individual Worship

Art for Corporate and Individual Worship
By Glenda L. Skinner-Noble

Sunday, May 29, 2011

And the Race is On! (Memorial Day)

Please be lifting up those prayers (I will also take good kharma and happy thoughts.) for me tomorrow, Memorial Day, at 10:30am.  At our Oklahoma Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church held at St. Luke's UMC, OKC, I have been commissioned to paint a 4' x 6" of my interpretation of our theme, "A Bridge to the Future."  I have just the time in worship to begin and complete it!  I have spent weeks working on the conception by sketching out the composition and looking at other art for ideas.  And I have spent all weekend buying BIG supplies for this large and speedy project and painting three 16"x 20" "proofs," yet I still feel unprepared.  Time to put it to bed and forget about it for the night so I can look at it with fresh and spontaneous eyes!  As I have discovered this year, my art is my sermon.  So, "May the words of my HANDS (and paintbrushes) and the meditation of all of our hearts be yours, O God, for you are our rock, our strength, and our redeemer!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Congrats to Matt Josef

Congrats to Matt Josef who just hosted an open house at his new studio apartment in the Plaza District this last Friday.  Good luck in your new digs!

Photo Realism Independent Study

My drawing professor at OCU says he normally doesn't recommend Photo Realism, but he has suggested that for my Independent Study with him this summer that I concentrate on the experiements I began with photo realism last summer.  Lots of graphing in my future for this summer!  I began class this week and I have graphed a shot of Lydia I took this last winter and a photo of a lionfish to complete my "Out of the waters I will bring forth swarms of living creatures" Gen. 1 series.